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Name : D20P Trading Signal
Pairs : GBPUSD
Target Profit : 50 pips/Day/Lot
Difficulty : Very easy
Subscribe Fee : Start from $10 per Month
Perfect for : Beginner, Daytrader
Pros : Stress free trading system, just set and forget !
Cons : Trading time might not comfortable for some country

– PLAN A Trade 1 LOT (Required $2,500 Minimum Margin)
– PLAN B Trade 5 LOT (Required $12,500 Minimum Margin)
*Open account on any Brokers with 2 pips GBP/USD spread


– Follow Realtime Trading Signal send from Telegram Messenger daily between 00.00 GMT – 05.00 GMT
– Just One trading position per day on GBPUSD Pairs
– Always Enter using Stop Order and Never use Limit order
– Always place suggested stoploss you must protect your capital
– Once order placed and set just let it run to TP / SL
– Signal valid between 06.00 – 18.00 GMT (or 05.00 – 17.00 GMT during DST)
– Please take a notice with Order entry and expired time
– Delete any Untouch Order after 18.00 GMT




LEVEL 1  open $25 account using 1:100 leverage, 2 Spread for GBPUSD brokers and trading 0.01 Lot. 1 pips equals to 10 cent for $5 per day target while risking -$2  (if you can survice 1 Month here then you can go to level 2)


LEVEL 2  open $250 account using 1:100 leverage and trading 0.1 Lot. 1 pips equal to $1 each day you hunt for $50 while risking -$20   (Only 90% of you can go to this stage and after 3 Month you can go to level 3)


LEVEL 3 (PLAN A)  open $2,500 account using 1:100 leverage and  trading 1 Lot.  1 pips equal to $10 per day you hunt for $500 while risking -$200  (Only 50% of you can sit in this level and after 6 Month from this stage you go to level 4)


LEVEL 4 (PLAN B )  open $12,500 account using 1:100 leverage and trading 5 Lot. 1 pips equal to $50  per day you can Win $2,500 while risking -$1,000  (Only 25% of you can go here and after 6 month from this stage you reach the next final level )


FINAL LEVEL  Here you are the master on Forex trading, Now you can master and control your trading emotion so you can trading on any system and any size you want. At this stage you can make money as much as you want  (Less than 10% of you can be Survive and reach this Nirvana)




Elite Member will get early Live Trading Signal and Live Trading Alert using Telegram Messenger Service to make sure they can trade easier and get the better results


If you haven’t installed Telegram Messenger on your phone you can get it FREE here


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